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The main goal of the Links Up programme is to facilitate access to funding for e-health and e-tourism startups, two major sectors for the European Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean and SUDOE (South West Europe). In this case, the project, initiated in October 2016, aims at a larger territory. In addition to Occitania, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, it also concerns the region of Murcia and Portugal. 

In this framework we are organizing one acceleration and softlanding action in order to help start-ups and SMEs from the Links up transnational region have a better and facilitated access to the market. Castres-Mazamet TechnopoleCMT Fundació, BIT/ FBIT (IB/ Spain) are the partners in charge of testing and implementing related activities. CMT mission is to test and implement an acceleration program “Open innovation” oriented, while FBIT is in charge of proposing internationalization support through softlanding activities.



Tourism knows no borders. We go deep into the global strategy of your business, in a sector that is continuously growing at international level.


Biotechnology and Health 

Science is the mother of knowledge. We promote projects that respond to your challenges.




   We promote the information revolution. Projects whose essence is focused on digital – information and communication technologies (ICT).

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Business acceleration as a common challenge

Our main objective is to promote the competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs in the South-West of Europe. We promote entrepreneurship, facilitating financing of new ideas, fostering the creation of new firms and promoting business incubators.

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