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The Open Innovation paradigm implies collabration between companies, local and public authorities, academia and civil participants that work together to co-create and drive structural changes far beyond the scope of what any organization or person could do alone. This model encompasses also user-oriented innovation models to take full advantage of ideas’ cross-fertilisation leading to experimentation and prototyping in real world setting.

The open innovation gained traction in last decades ackowledging that important ideas for organisations can be provided by external resources coming with new angles, enrich approaches and helping to discover new markets.  Moreover, the revolution of digital media implies a change from a logic of consumption to a logic of contribution. In this sense the open innovation takes into account the desire to contribute, to participate – just like in the case of Wikipedia or many other sites, the consumer becomes a contributor and creator. The game consists of identifying those contributors, motivating and coordinating them with the objective of capturing the external richness available.

From the point of view of companies there are more and more organizations, whatever their size, SME / ETI, large groups and start’up agreeing of the importance of promoting the emergence of new business models. Their need consist mostly in learning from each other,  saving time in the launch phases (speed up the Time to Market) or boosting innovation. These needs are met by associating recurring objectives such as digitalizing the company, making innovation a corporate culture, developing disruptive solutions or strategies around the data.

In this section we are going to provide information and training materials presented to the participants during the Links Up programme activities. A focus on Open Innovation model is made both for e-Health and e-Tourism sectors.


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