The concept of connected health has gained traction in recent years as a new technology enabled and networked model of health care delivery. It is often used as an umbrella term for eHealth, digital health, health informatics, telemedicine, mHealth and involves the establishment and management of a network of stakeholders with the aim of improving health care quality and outcomes.

The eHealth becomes important as new digital solutions for health and care can increase the well-being of millions of citizens and radically change the way health and care services are delivered to patients. eHealth and digital technologies have the potential to enable a better use of health data in research and innovation to support personalised healthcare, better health interventions and more effective health and social care systems.

In this context through the open-innovation approach the companies look to translate scientific breakthroughs into solutions that address patients’ health needs: to taking care of oneself, preventing illness or to treating it. Today, the e-health companies’ commitment to innovation goes far beyond drug development. The companies also support patients on a daily basis, offering them integrated and personalized solutions, capable of improving their care and quality of life.

Moreover the e-health companies integrate devices such as smartphones, tablets and wireless sensors that can now be used in mobile health – or mHealth – and that are now much more affordable and user-friendly. They can not only promote healthy lifestyles, but also transform how patients, doctors, nurses and carers interact in health and care.

For exemple i) fitness trackers can help to fight obesity, a risk factor for many chronic diseases ii) mobile apps combined with sensors can measure vital signs like heart rate, blood glucose levels and body temperature, helping people to improve how they manage their health.

This approach profoundly changes the relationship to health, the medical practice, just as the relationship between the patient and his doctor. A bottom-line trend, which is more and more adopted by patients in France and which has gained new momentum into the core of the health care system to improve health.

Please find here below some presentations supports adressing the subject of open innovation in the framework of Links Up project:

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