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Open Innovation in tourism sector  – A concrete answer to the acceleration of technologies and uses

Tourism plays a major role in the EU economy1 and is facing challenges, being deeply transformed with ever more technologies and competition . The uses are in perpetual evolution with the advent of the digital which facilitates the communication, simplifies the exchanges and reduces the distances. Hence the need for tourism stakeholders to open up to new practices to stay in the race.

If yesterday the offer created the customer, today the customer creates the offer being involved in different communities,  being connected and having tools of comparisons allowing him to be more demanding.

You can find here below some presentations supports addressing the subject of eTourism and open innovation as well as examples of programmes developed by industrials and detailed in the framework of Links Up project:

Some videos can also be accessed here:

  • Agatchako case – digital platform which gathers the traders, artisans and service providers form Aveyron


1 – According to the European Commission, it is the third largest socio-economic activity in the EU (after the trade and distribution, and construction sectors), and has an overall positive impact on economic growth and employment. In 2018, the ‘travel & tourism’ sector directly contributed 3.9% to EU GDP and accounted for 5.1% of the total labour force (which equates to some 11.9 million jobs). When its close links with other economic sectors are taken into account, the tourism sector’s figures increase significantly (10.3% of GDP and 11.7% of total employment, which equates to 27.3 million workers). Tourism also contributes to the development of European regions and, if sustainable, helps to preserve and enhance cultural and natural heritage. The Commission estimates that EU tourism industries comprise almost 2 million enterprises, most of them small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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